Dog Health - Having A Healthy Dog

For every responsible and caring owner, excellent dog health is of paramount importance. There unfortunately have been far too many, who have ignored taking the necessary steps to ensure good, dog health care, only to end up paying expensive vet bills at a later date.

Keeping yourself on top of dog health issues from the very beginning will ensure your dogs health for their whole life. As the saying goes, a happy dog is a healthy dog.

So what are the things you need to be aware of and pay attention to, so you can give your companion the best and longest life possible? There are essentially five things you need to know - dog nutrition, knowing how to spot warning signs, knowing what to do if your mutt gets ill, finding a vet you can trust, and getting the right dog health insurance. Let's take each in turn:

Probably the most important and often neglected part for a lot of owners is feeding him the right kind of food. Most illnesses and problems can be avoided by providing healthy dog food. In the past few months a shocking report has been released regarding the bad dog food that most Americans are buying, and being lied to by the big pet food companies. I would highly recommend you read this startling dog food report. It's a must for everyone that wants a long and healthy life for their little one.

Knowing how to spot any warning signs is easily done by paying attention to any changes in the behavior, however small. The better your relationship with your little one, the easier it is for you to notice anything out of the ordinary. Does he have a dry nose, is he limping, does his face appear dreary or runny, or is he generally not as lively as before? These are all changes that may indicate them carrying a problem.

Finding the right vet, is also not something to take lightly. Flipping through your local directory, you will be faced with a massive list of possible vets. So how do you choose from amongst them?

It is always advisable that you pick one that runs a small animal practice. Getting a recommendation from a friend or family member is probably the best. When choosing you should ask all the questions you have before you decide to choose one. Ask them about the availability of emergency care, prices etc. Most of all trust your instincts. Does the vet appear caring and give the right attention to each pet that comes their way, or are they more interested in churning out the numbers.

Last but not least is choosing the appropriate dog health insurance. I know we all hate the word insurance, but it will provide you with the peace of mind you want, so you can enjoy the company of your little one without worrying about the unexpected stresses of dog health problems.