Healthy Dog Food - What To Feed your Canine Friend

Providing your canine companion with healthy dog food is the key to literally adding several years to it's life, as well as keeping a lid on the expensive vet bills, not to mention avoiding the distress of watching your dog suffer.

The question every dog lover has is to know what is the best dog food to feed them, especially with so many choices nowadays. With dog food companies constantly trying to seduce you with their cute and slick ads to buy their brand, with the aim of having you as a customer for life, it makes our choice even more difficult.

You probably have even read articles online or in magazines etc about comparisons of the various brands and all sorts of dog food rating. All this does is make something simple, as in what to feed your dog, into something very complicated and confusing.

So what constitutes good grub?

In general, a diet of healthy dog foods include a mixture of nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals. A good diet should have about 40% protein. The amino acids in protein (like fish, soy beans and meat) are an essential ingredient for controlling the antibodies and muscle development.

In addition, a good dog diet should include carbohydrates such as yams, oats and sweet potatoes. But bear in mind that too much carbohydrates is not good for them either, since the sugar and energy stored often leads to obesity and digestive problems.

Fat, such as omega 3 acids, is also important to help prevent bad skin, blood clots and inflammations.

The truth is - well.... actually rather simple. Ideally it would be best to feed your little one as much natural dog food as possible. However it is completely unrealistic to think you can always do that, and therefore you would need to mix it with regular canned food.

In the last few months a shocking report was written about the food we give to our dogs. You may have already read it; if you have not, I would highly recommend you do so. Knowing the specific grub you can give your dog and knowing you providing the best nutritious diet will put your mind at rest and add valuable years to it's life.

Try to strike a balance between giving some meals which includes natural dog food and carefully chosen canned food. Buying the wrong kind is causing heartbreak for many owners who are unaware of the dangers lurking in a lot of brands. If you have been lazy about what you feed your mutt so far, I would suggest you make the small effort to change their diet to the more healthy dog food.