Dog Health Insurance - Saving Yourself Money And Heartache

Getting yourself an appropriate dog health insurance is one of those things we would rather do without. But, it is a necessary evil. Deciding on whether you should invest in pet care insurance can be simply be answered by asking yourself a few straight forward questions.

Are you able to cope with the unexpected veterinary help that can run into several hundred to a thousand? If you can, then may be you prefer to ride your luck and take the chance. I would not advise it, but it is an option available to you.

However, the prudent and right thing to do would be to cover yourself with at least the basic dogs insurance. If you love and care for your dog, and consider him/her to be a valuable member of your family, trying to cut a few dollars now is not the advisable thing to do.

While it is obvious that you will do the best to give your dog a healthy life, sometimes unexpected problems cannot be avoided. Having yourself covered will not only give you peace of mind, but also helps you make the right decision on treatments that may be required, as the potential high costs will not be a factor in you taking a certain course of action.

There are various dog health insurance plans that are available to you. The options available can vary significantly depending on what you want the cover for. Some canine health coverage are very comprehensive, and include yearly check ups, spaying, neutering, vaccinations etc. Or you may choose to get a more limited dogs insurance instead which covers you for emergency illness or injuries.

Of course there are other factors that will determine the cost of the plan, such as the age of your dog, breed and whether it has any pre-existing medical conditions. Some dog health insurance plans even include your pooch's lifestyle as a factor, such as whether he is a guard dog or not.

Of course in our case of Boston Terriers, while we take pride in their keen sense of awareness, they are by no means a guard dog! In fact our little mutts are capable of trotting along with complete strangers, such is the friendliness of our little terriers.

It is advisable that you do your due diligence before committing to a certain plan. One of the most popular companies that offer a great and affordable cover is They offer a variety of great packages. They have received great feedback for their services and are very trustworthy. Browse through the different options and choose the one that makes sense for your and your dog.