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How To Find Out If Your Boston Terrier Has Mites

July 26th, 2008 · 6 Comments

No matter how clean and happy our Boston terrier may seem, there is a chance that he could get mites, resulting in a condition known as mange.

Whilst all animals have mites, the problems can arise when they become overactive, and this can result in symptoms such as severe itching and loss of hair. There will not necessarily be any smell, scabbing, or additional symptoms, but there is a risk of infection of the dog keeps scratching at the hairless, itchy areas.

You may have more than one dog, or perhaps your Boston terrier has had puppies.

If you find that they are all developing “bald spots” and “itchiness” then there is a good chance that they have mites. However, you would not be able to confirm this with the naked eye because they are microscopic and therefore cannot be seen without specialist equipment and testing.

Therefore, rather than leaving your dog to lose more and more hair, risking him ending up looking like Kojak, the best thing to do is get him down to the vet’s and get the condition checked out.

If your dog has had puppies who are also losing their hair, then there is no need to cart them all off to the vets - just take one or two of them along, and if it is confirmed that the problem is being caused by mites then you will be able to treat them all in the same way.

When you take your Boston terrier and/or puppies to the vets the vet will take a scraping of skin and examine it under a microscope in order to determine whether the problem is being caused by mites.

If it is confirmed that the problem is caused by mites a topical ointment that can be applied to the skin can be prescribed, and this will help to soothe the itching and minimize the risk of infection.

You should remember that the condition caused by mites can take some weeks to clear up completely, so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t disappear within a few days.

However, if the problem persists past a few weeks or the skin appears to have become infected you should take the dog or pup back to the vets to get it check over again to be on the safe side.

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6 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Glennda // Nov 29, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    thank you …my boston is losing hair like crazy..we had him checked as a pup—and they found no mites…but after reading this, I made an appmt immediately—becuase he is going to look like Kojak if we dont’ do something soon.
    thank you!

  • 2 Moria // Apr 21, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    My boston is not even 1yrs old and she too is losing her hair like crazy. They scraped her skin, and he thought maybe it was a fungus? But now he’s saying it’s not that. I just wish he would really look at it, and pay attention! I think he tried to rush. I’m not with her all the time, so I dont know if she is itching all the time. Any suggestions? She may be getting something from our toy poodle.. he does however bite and scratch a lot. I may have to tell my dad to take him to the vet.

  • 3 ivory // Oct 25, 2009 at 1:32 am

    my boston terrior has a great deal of hair loss in his back top of his butt we thought it was flees and kept giving him baths but it dryed his skin so bad hes itching intensly help!!!!!!!!!! we got him some hot spot medicine but nothing seems to work please give me some advice.

  • 4 Ashley // Dec 22, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    My female Boston is 9 months old and I have been noticing some thinning of the hair in front of her ears and around her eyes. I hardly EVER notice her scratching those areas!?!!? I am so confused, I suppose I will take her to the vet to see if it is mites or mange, but I assume that severe scratching goes with both those conditions. Anyone in the same boat as me?!?!

  • 5 Donny // Dec 31, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    my boston is losing hair in the back of his ears, around his eyes,behind his legs, on the sides of his stomach, and under his arms. after being treated by a vet will the hair grow back?

  • 6 Jessica // Mar 30, 2010 at 5:29 am

    My 11 week old boston female, Stella, has flakey skin and has been scratching. Upon researching other websites i now put fish oil in her dog food. I bought 400 capsules at walmart for 15.00. If your unsure which capsules to buy tell the pharmacist what your plans with them are and he will tell u which ones to buy. I Just snip one open and squeeze it on her dog food and shes loves it. I use one cap a day usually on her lunch feeding. A lot of the flaking has gone away and shes not scratching as much. I also got a better quality dog food and use baby bebe puppy shampoo on her thats more natural and moisturizing. I bought it at petco. I hope this helps at least one person.

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